Tranquil Moments Massage LLC

Where we bring tranquility and balance to the chaos of life.

Groupon/ Living Social clients:

 If your voucher is expired you will need to pay the difference in price of our then current prices. If you bought a 3 pack of 60 min massages and want 90 minute massages we can not combine them, however you can get the 90 min for an additional $30. (which is still an incredible deal). If you do not show up or call it is a $30 fee before your next appointment.  If you do this 3 times you will not be able to schedule with us anymore. Thanks for your understanding. We look forward to seeing you in the office! If you have bought more than 1 Groupon you will need to pay the difference in the office. (The limit is One per person) 

**with the schedule getting as crazy as it is as long as you schedule your massage before your groupon expires I will honor it. (even if the date of the massage itself is after it has expired)**

Email Megan at if you have any questions

Customized Services:

Relaxation, pregnancy, sports massage, deep tissue, or we can come up with a customized hour just for you. 

60 minute:     $69

90 minute:     $99

                New client:    $49 (60 min)

Want to save money? The following receive special pricing 

($55/60 min & $79/90 min) and hot towels for their session

(can't combine more than one)



Senior (age 60 and over)

Union members



Fire Fighters/ EMTS

Police officers

Clients who come in at least once a month

*Just let us know so we charge you correctly.*


Buy 3 60 minute sessions for:  $165

Buy 2 90 minute sessions for: $165


Currently we can accept the following insurance:


First Choice

PIP (auto accident coverage)


If you have out of network coverage we can accept other insurance as well. To use your benefits you will need a referral. If you have any questions please contact us and we can help.