Tranquil Moments Massage LLC

Where we bring tranquility and balance to the chaos of life.

Groupon Clients:

Thank you for using Groupon to come see us. Please choose the Groupon option when scheduling online. Remember limit 1 per person. If you buy additional vouchers you will be charged the difference according to Groupons rules.

If you have any questions or need help getting scheduled please email Megan at [email protected]

Customized Services:

Relaxation, pregnancy, sports massage, deep tissue, or we can come up with a customized hour just for you. 

60 minute:     $79

90 minute:     $109

                New client:    $49 (60 min)

Want to save money? The following receive special pricing 

($55/60 min & $79/90 min) and hot towels for their session

(can't combine more than one)



Senior (age 60 and over)

Union members



Fire Fighters/ EMTS

Police officers

Clients who come in at least once a month

*Just let us know so we charge you correctly.*


Buy 3 60 minute sessions for:  $165

Buy 2 90 minute sessions for: $165


Currently we can accept the following insurance:


First Choice

PIP (auto accident coverage)


If you have out of network coverage we can accept other insurance as well. To use your benefits you will need a referral. If you have any questions please contact us and we can help.